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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to make a booking, or can I just show up?

It’s always best to book if you are planning to ride with us. We get busy in the summer season so there may not be spots for walk-ins. Even in the quieter times of the year, it is better to have a booking because then we can have suitable horses ready for you – we might otherwise be out training horses for example.
If you want to keep your plans flexible and just drop in when you’re passing, it’s best if come at least 15 minutes before a scheduled ride is due to depart. This means that if there is space for you to join the ride, we have time to prepare a horse for you.

What time do we need to be at the stable?

Please be at the stable, dressed and ready to ride, 15 minutes before your departure time (e.g. 08:45 for the 09:00 ride). This allows time for you to be signed in, get a helmet fitted, and a run through of a quick demo/safety briefing so that everyone is on the horses and ready to leave on time. Please be aware that if you come late (e.g. 08:55 for the 09:00 am ride), we may not be able to hold the group for you.

The weather is bad! Is the tour still running?

If you are unsure whether the tour is still running because of bad weather, please get in touch with us via phone or email. It´s also a good idea to check safetravel.is and road.is before you start a journey in Iceland.
Icelandic horses are used to rain and wind, so unless the conditions are very stormy and unsafe, we normally do still operate tours in the rain. We have excellent waterproof jackets and trousers for you to borrow, as well as gloves.

What should I wear?

Practical clothing similar to what you might wear on a hike, according to the weather on the day. Hiking boots or trainers are ideal footwear. We have waterproof jackets and trousers for you to borrow, as well as gloves, but make sure to bring warm layers with you for underneath if it is cold. You can wear a hat or headband under the helmet if it is cold, but bulky hats with big bobbles or pompoms may not fit (a tube scarf/neckwarmer like a Buff is ideal).

Can I bring my backpack / GoPro / drone / camera on the ride?

We advise against bringing too much with you on the ride. Backpacks can get uncomfortable or affect your balance, as can large DSLR-type cameras. It’s fine to bring a GoPro if you have a suitable mount (helmet or chest) but as you need both hands on the reins, we advise against the stick type mounts. Drones are also not allowed, as they can scare the horses, and also you need full attention on your horse rather than flying your drone!
It’s a good idea though to bring a small camera or phone in a zipped pocket, as we make sure to stop on the beach for the guides to take some photos of you.
We have some lockers at the stable where you can leave your bags and cameras if you do not have a car to lock them in.

Is there a weight limit?

With the welfare of our horses in mind, we have a weight limit of 110kg/242lb. This is for our largest and strongest horses, and as there are only Icelandic horses on the island, we do not have anything bigger.

Can I choose which horse I ride?

Just like people, all horses are different. We know our horses well and whether they are suitable for beginner or experienced riders, so it is best for the guides to choose a horse for you. It’s great if when booking you can let us know the experience levels of everyone in your group so that we can prepare suitable horses.

My child is under your age limit. Can they ride on a horse with me?

For safety reasons we only allow one rider per horse – it is not possible to have a toddler or baby on the horse with you.

Do you do tours for longer than one hour?

At the moment we only offer the regular 50-60 minute tour and the 30 minute family tour.

Can you take bigger groups?

If you have a larger group and the booking calendar does not have enough spaces, please get in touch with your requirements and we will try to accommodate you. It is best if you can let us know well in advance so that we can make sure we have enough horses and guides ready for you.

Do you offer horses for photo shoots?

Yes, we sometimes take extra projects like photo shootings if it fits with our tour schedules. Please send us a message with your requirements and we will try and organise a suitable time and price for you.

Can we do a private tour?

Yes! Private tours enable you to have a tour tailored to your wishes and abilities and are ideal for more experienced riders wishing to put the Icelandic horses through their paces. Please get in touch to arrange a time and find out prices.

I am an experienced rider. Will I get to go fast?

Experienced riders are very welcome to join our tours. However, please note that our groups are normally mixed ability and we adjust to the speed of the least experienced rider for safety reasons. We always do our best to make sure that everyone can try some tölt on the tour, and to accommodate more experienced riders, but this will be at the discretion of your guides on the day.

If you are interested in a tour that is tailored to your wishes, you are welcome to contact us to arrange a private tour.

Can we visit the plane wreck?

The plane wreck on Sólheimasandur is around 30 km away on a different beach, so we do not visit it on our tours. It is around a 30 minute drive from Vik, and then a 4km walk each way from the car park.

Can we see the basalt columns and the Hálsanefshellir cave on Reynisfjara?

We operate our tours from Víkurfjara, the black sand beach located directly in Vík. Reynisfjara, the basalt columns and Hálsanefshellir cave are on the other side of Mt. Reynisfjall, so we cannot reach them on the tour. Reynisfjara is just a 10 minute drive from Vík, which makes it the perfect destination to visit before or after your ride.