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Black sand beach ride

Duration: 45-60 minutes
Minimum age: 10 years
Weight limit: 110 kg / 242 lbs
Provided: Icelandic Horse, guide, helmet, full rain gear and waterproof gloves.
You bring: Clothing according to weather.
Price: 10.000 ISK per person

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Family tour

The tour is a slow 30 minutes ride along the black beach, perfectly suited for our youngest guests and their families.

We offer family tours with departure at 4 pm every day from February 15 til November 14. Outside of these dates, please e-mail us for availability and we will schedule your family ride according to what daylight permits.

Duration: 30 minutes
Minimum age: 6 years.
Weight limit: 110 kg / 242 lbs
Price: 8.000.- pr.person


Stable visit

Meet & greet the Icelandic horses at our stables in Vík and learn all about them!

Would you like to get to know the Icelandic horse? Our herd consists of friendly animals who love to meet people! If we are lucky, our stable cat Pumba will also be around. During the stable visit, we will show around our facility, there will be a lot of opportunities to take pictures and learn about the fascinating traits Icelandic horses have. We will have a horse ready for you to meet and show you a bit of their features if conditions allow.

The stable visit is perfect for families with horse-loving children who are too young to join a riding tour, and also a good option to try out on a rainy and windy day!

Duration: 30 minutes